Defeating The Third Jihad

The First Jihad—against Europe—was during the Dark Ages.

After they had conquered Arabia, The Levant, and Northeast Africa,  Mohammedans set their sights on conquering Spain, Italy and France.  Heroic Europeans like Charles Martel, Charlemagne, Roland, and Holger Danske repelled the Islamic invasion and expelled the Saracens from Europe (except for Iberia).

The Second Major Jihad against Christendom was waged by the Mohammadens over a period of several hundred years (1081-1683).

Initially, they focused their attention on Anatolia and the Aegean; then they established Islam through the Balkans into Central Europe. Their long protracted invasion was finally stopped at the Gates of Vienna (in 1683), by a coalition of European forces; the Ottoman invaders were eventually driven back down through the Balkans.

For the next couple of centuries, Islamists mainly concentrated their imperialistic interests in Africa, India, Central and SouthEast Asia.

In the aftermath of WWII, FUNDAMENTAL ISLAM again declared war against Western Civilization.

We are now engaged in The Third Jihad against The West.

Although their methods of warfare have changed somewhat, the goal of Mohammedans has not changed. They still seek to establish Global Islamic Governance.

THE FIRST THING that must be done by all freedom-loving nations in the West is to drastically limit—or even END–the immigration of Muslims into their nations. To do otherwise is to commit cultural suicide.

Secondly, Western nations should never allow Shariah Law to be established ANYWHERE within their borders; not even for family law or contract disputes.

Thirdly, many Western leaders are either naive about the tactics of Islamization, or they have been corrupted by Islamist or Leftist propaganda.  It is therefore the task of patriotic citizens and counter-jihad groups to educate the general voting public to the dangers of cultural jihad: such as Shariah-compliant finance and Halal Certification.  Promote, support, and elect political leaders that will take action against Islamization.

For tips on what an average citizen can do to fight Islamic Imperialism in their country, click here.

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